SEEOC 2023 - MIDDLE (27/08/2023)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: IGMAN, Sarajevo
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovi
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.49 km
Time: 41:30
Last race of this SEEOC. Good first leg and I caught up Teodor with 4 mins. I knew some of the (problem) areas already from the last races and for 4th I stood on the path until the control - it was like 10meters above it. But 5th - I did not succeed as it was waaay too far from the depression so I needed an extra minute to find it (I let the gps signal stay as is). Did a 2 minute mistake to 7th feeling unsecure with the terrain. In the end I did another 30secs mistake to 13th pushing way too hard on the open area. And a suboptimal choice to 14th but in the end I was 12 secs faster than the second fastest so it was enough. I had the power in the legs.
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SEEOC 2023 - MIDDLE (27/08/2023)