SEEOC 2023 - RELAY (26/08/2023)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: IGMAN, Sarajevo
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovi
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3
Distance: 6.84 km
Time: 41:03
Team mates did a good job, especially Valio who did came 1st with a good margin. I was way too calm and unfocused but what a start I did.. A 2 min mistake to 1st was nothing I said to myself and continued. Then a paralel mistake to 3rd cost me 4:30 more and I suddenly knew that should be it if I want to fight for the medals (and gold). Did a good job afterwards and caught up with the romanian guy on 8th control. Chose a suboptimal route choice to the spectator control but I didn't wanted to run together with him.. I ran full speed afterwards as I was told I'm 40secs behind. Going out on the last controls in the open area I did not see him so though it is either good or maybe too late. Luckily we won :)
Still no good feeling about the map even if it was 1:10000 this time.
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SEEOC 2023 - RELAY (26/08/2023)