SEEOC 2023 - LONG (24/08/2023)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: IGMAN, Sarajevo
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovi
Discipline: Long
Distance: 14.57 km
Time: 91:36
Good beggining even though to 4th I did not see a track in the mid of the leg and crossed through the forest (~40secs) and then in the circle I ended up in the other depression. I've caught Ahmet Kacmaz 4 mins towards 4th as well and Fettah in the circle. BUT right before 6th in the green I lost my contact lense and stopped to replace it with a new one - they were gone and right after I tried to find the control without looking at the map at all, forcing the situation and made a big mistake - that also lead to another mistake tot 7th. Then I had to calm down and get back to the race again.. Luckily I chose a good route-option towards the long leg. I did a good butterly in the technical part except a minute mistake to 11th. And a 2 min mistake to 19th where I did not see the cliff.
In general I can say the map quality, print and paper were bad but that's life.
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SEEOC 2023 - LONG (24/08/2023)