Selection race Long, SUI (15/06/2023)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Tamins, Flims
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Long
Distance: 13.34 km
Time: 105:05
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 191
Far from optimal. Some hesitations for 3rd control (30secs) but otherwise a good first part of the course. My first big problems were when I realized I went way far down on the way to 8th control (before the track). I did not read the map there and thought it's only downhill but in the end I had to climb hard to get to the track (~3 mins). Next mess was on 14th where the vegetation was changed and although I was less than 10 metes away from the control I didn't even look left since it was forest, and the open area with blackberies was onto the right (north from the control and not south) - ~1:40 mins lost.
Another minute I lost to 20th where saw a really big hill and didn't realize this is the one under the line. So it took some time to get back into the map (1 min). And then the last big miss was to 24th where I was completely scared to miss the control and go too far down. Obviously I stood way up on the slope (3+ mins).
In total ~9 mins misses combined with no power it was not my best day either.
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Selection race Long, SUI (15/06/2023) Selection race Long, SUI (15/06/2023)