EYOC 2023 - Sprint M18 (Spectator race) (23/06/2023)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Velingrad
Country: Bulgaria
Distance: 3.39 km
Time: 13:23
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/__LsDJzasuM
It was a selection race for the EOC sprint team so we had to stay in the quarantine during the EYOC race and we ran the course right after that. Pity we got shittier print/paper quality. I did a decent performance but did few misses. Reading the control description and the map to 5th several times until I realise I just don't see the hedge on the map.. Small hesitation right before 6th as well. I lost 10secs to 7th missing the stairs (I did not realise at first that I had to go down into the canal for the small bridge) + not the best route so maybe 15secs in total for this route-choice leg. Bad route to 11th and also punched 15th as I thought I'm going for that one for a moment.. Suboptimal route choice to 14th as well.
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EYOC 2023 - Sprint M18 (Spectator race) (23/06/2023)