Sarnena gora Sprint (09/04/2022)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Stara Zagora
Country: Bulgaria
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.7 km
Time: 16:02
Did two smaller mistakes to 3rd (20 secs) and 4th (10 secs) because of not good route planning accordingly to the levels.
In the end I also lost 30 secs to 13th where I did not see enough from the map. I understood where the control is but did not see I'm not getting there from the central route. When ended up on the terrace I though - "What!? I was sure it's on that side" and then directly went down on the left side but there was no control. Then finally I realized I have to go on the right side but all the way around.
Quite difficult to read the map. I'm not sure if the objects are as big as they should be according to the ISSprOM2019-2 or it was the printing quality.
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Sarnena gora Sprint (09/04/2022)