WRE Middle - XI PREMI-O CV - IBI (05/02/2022)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Penarrubia Este, Ibi
Country: Spain
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.65 km
Time: 42:29
I was doing fine until I got tired. I tried to run fast on some places and with the current shape there were consequences. I did make a mistake of >1:10min in the circle of 9th control after pushing hard on straight route choice of the long leg. And then the big one came on the 16th control where I finally started to push hard again, though this will be an easy one entering from the big road and then in the circle I totally lost control since I did not read all the details - fucked up the race with a +4:30 min mistake. Anyway the conclusion is that I don't suck badly physically.
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WRE Middle - XI PREMI-O CV - IBI  (05/02/2022)