BG Champs - Ultra Long (Marathon) 2021 (17/10/2021)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Platoto, Shumen
Country: Bulgaria
Discipline: Ultra Long
Distance: 22.67 km
Time: 126:36
I had a pretty bad start in the "Bermuda triangle" area of Platoto.
Lost ~3 minutes to 1st control and ~2 - to 3rd.
Did choose a suboptimal route to 8th.
To 10th I did the moooost stupid cut of the day!
I was not careful enough going out of 11th.
Bad route to 17th in the beginning.
Small miss to 18th in the circle.
And a 1 min miss in the circle of 24th. Decided to take a longer stop and take it really easy being quite tired and still pushing really hard in the last part.
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BG Champs - Ultra Long (Marathon) 2021 (17/10/2021)