EOC 2021 - Sprint - European championships (16/05/2021)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Neuchatel
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.92 km
Time: 29:49
Mostly good and stable orienteering except few legs again. I was too slow to the 1st control then I was not prepared for 6th control and made a hesitation with some meters in the wrong direction. In the end I took another slow route to 18th control choosing the left option. Also few seconds towards the 14th control where I should've gone all the way to the right and not through the stair passage. Place 85./125.

Бърз анализ:
▶По-бавно и несигурно за 1-ва КТ
▶Неподготвен за 6-та, заради което тръгнах напред и след това се върнах по варианта с излизане назад. >10+сек загуба
▶Неоптимално влизане в 14-та КТ, където не бях забелязал стълбите и "второто ниво"
▶Грешен вариант за 18-та КТ. >12-15+ сек загуба.
▶Неподготвен за последна КТ.
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EOC 2021 - Sprint - European championships (16/05/2021)