BG Champs - Night O 2020 (21/08/2020)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Miikovtsi, Elena
Country: Bulgaria
Discipline: Night O
Distance: 6.76 km
Time: 46:43
Good overall job but still far from optimal. Going to 5th I wanted to see 6th and I saw it but then I didn't see the flag(reflector) of 5th and did a short loop around - lost more than half a minute- probably closer to 1min because of the rush to the next one. And the biggest mistake I did towards 13th where I decided to go left but was trapped in the bushy green area in the mid of the leg (+1:30) and then made a loop in the circle as well (+1:30).
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BG Champs - Night O 2020 (21/08/2020)