Middle (Camp VT) (22/02/2020)
Category: Trainings
Map/area: Prechistvatelna stantsiya, Sv. Troitsa, V. Tarnovo
Country: Bulgaria
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.7 km
Time: 54:16
Some bigger misses:
to 1st - it was soo long uphill til start so I missmatched the pit with the small depression and then... +1:30
to 9th - I stood in the circle for +1:30 not seeing the correct big depression.
to 11t - I stopped on the way when I saw a depression with an old marking and not being able to find it on the map so afterwards I went a bit up to be more secure and that didn't help in the circle - +2:00.
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Middle (Camp VT) (22/02/2020)