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EOC 2024 Camp - Training #5 (18.05.2024)
Sobota 18 květen 2024
Kategorie: Trainings
Kapolna, Hungary
control picking
Control picking training during a trainining camp of the Bulgarian national team in Hungary for the upcoming European Orienteering...
10MILA - leg 1 - TIOMILA (04.05.2024)
Sobota 4 květen 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Nynashamn, Sweden
Relay, úsek 1|Výsledky
This 61st episode of the series is from the 1st leg of 10MILA 2024 in Nynäshamn, Sweden. So much fun, 317 teams on the start line...
Dryanovo Cup 2024 - Day 2 (21.04.2024)
Neděle 21 duben 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Selo Iskra, Dryanovo, Bulgaria
Dryanovo Cup 2024 - day 2 - a middle distance in a typical terrain for the area. In the same area the National champs for youths a...
Tarnovo cup 2024 - Middle (17.03.2024)
Neděle 17 březen 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Karierite, Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria
One extreme mistake to 11th. I saw "movement" and the control down on the slope - decided it's mine and that I was too high - when...
Pazardzhik Cup 2024 - day 1 (09.03.2024)
Sobota 9 březen 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Sokolski pat, Peshtera, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
VIDEO: Pazardzhik Cup 2024 - an area near Peshtera city with lots of meadows and open forest with st...
Maximus O Meeting - MOM 2024 - Chasing start MSE (20.02.2024)
Area was nice and difficult especially in the beginning on the slope. I did elatively good job but still made a lot of small mist...
MOM 2024 - Sprint - Maximus Orienteering Meeting (19.02.2024)
Pondělí 19 únor 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Navarredondilla, Burgohondo, Spain
Maximus O Meeting - MOM 2024 - Long WRE - MSE (17.02.2024)
I felt pretty bad physically all the way. I started with a big miss to 1st and afterwards it never felt nice. Struggling a lot.
Ivanovden Cup 2024 - Labyrinth (28.01.2024)
Neděle 28 leden 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria
Ivanovden Cup 2024 (28.01.2024)
Neděle 28 leden 2024
Kategorie: Competitions
Kamaka, Bozhur, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria
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