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Bulgaria Cup 2023 - Day 2 (03.06.2023)
Sobota 3 červen 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Borovets, Samokov, Bulgaria
Bulgaria Cup 2023 - Day 1 (02.06.2023)
Pátek 2 červen 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Borovets, Samokov, Bulgaria
BG Champs 2023 - Sprint (14.05.2023)
Neděle 14 květen 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Starosel, Hisarya, Bulgaria
I started quite unprepared as I was not going to race at all because of a shitty pain in the calf. Still I started well but going ...
BG Champs 2023 - Middle (13.05.2023)
Sobota 13 květen 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Matenitsa, Hisarya, Bulgaria
Nice terrain, varied course alternating different areas. Did a small miss (30-40secs) in the circle of 4th where the two stones we...
BG Champs 2023 - Sprint Relay (12.05.2023)
Pátek 12 květen 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Hisarya, Bulgaria
Sprint Relay, úsek 3|Výsledky
Clean and fast. Pushed as hard as I can so that we can finally win again! :))
Velingrad 2023 - day 3 - Sprint (30.04.2023)
Neděle 30 duben 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Velingrad - Gorski tehnikum, Bulgaria
Selection race. Did my best but suboptimal routechoices to 5th and 7th maybe about 5" each. Then I was not prepared for leg 12 bec...
Velingrad Cup 2023 - Long (EYOC 2023 terrain) (29.04.2023)
Decent race but I did not push very hard, some hesitations here and there. I accidentlly paused my gps-watch right before 3rd cont...
Velingrad Cup 2023 - Middle (EYOC 2023 terrain) (28.04.2023)
Analyze my orienteering #47 VIDEO:
Camp Byala - Middle (12.04.2023)
Středa 12 duben 2023
Kategorie: Trainings
Shkorpilovtsi south, Varna, Bulgaria
Three Hills Cup 2023, mass start middle (26.03.2023)
Neděle 26 březen 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Garga bair, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Mass start "Middle"|Výsledky
Tough race, terrain full of stones, rocks, greens and steep slopes. I didn't manage the orienteering quite well - never succeeded ...
WRE LONG Mass start - XII Premi Internacional d'Orientació CV 2023 (05.02.2023)
Mass start, one-man-relay. I had the Long-Short Butterfly and then Red-Green-Blue-Purple and the common LightBlue. I missed quite...
WRE MIDDLE - XII Premi Internacional d'Orientació CV 2023 (04.02.2023)
Pretty satisfied although I made a 30secs mistake to 4th control - wasn't able to fit the greens from the map with the terrain. So...
Alicante camp 2023 - N-course (02.02.2023)
Did a decent performance but lost contact with the map towards 8th. Had to put a few ribbons on the course (3 in total).
Alicante camp 2023 - SportIdent Relay training - mass start with forkings (02.02.2023)
Did a good job and pushed hard especially after a very big 1:30-2min mistake to 7th where lost contact with the others.
Alicante camp 2023 - Corridor (01.02.2023)
Nice & slow
Alicante camp 2023 - SportIdent training (01.02.2023)
I did fine but was a bit too unsecure for 5th control - I lost concentration and had to relocate on the way. Towards the last cont...
Liga Regional Las Tenganeras - Middle (29.01.2023)
Neděle 29 leden 2023
Kategorie: Competitions
Totana, Las Tenganeras, Spain
Did start the race with walking because of the calf injury. Slowly moved to jogging and finished that way, no pushing at all.
Alicante camp 2023 - Middle (28.01.2023)
Sobota 28 leden 2023
Kategorie: Trainings
Guardamar Norte, Spain
I was a bit frustrated from the calf pain I got during the morning session. Some ribbons were missing from control places as well.
Alicante camp 2023 - First training (28.01.2023)
Did start from a wrong place but on the go I got control.
Middle (21.01.2023)
Sobota 21 leden 2023
Kategorie: Trainings
Hizha Mladost, Targovishte, Bulgaria
No compass.