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BG Champs - Ultra Long 2018 (14-10-2018)
Domingo 14 Outubro 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Oreshak, Troyan, Bulgaria
Ultra Long|Resultados
Bad route choices to 1st and 3rd otherwise a good and stable ultra long performance and a win in the last BG champs for the year.
BG Champs - Night 2018 (12-10-2018)
Sexta-Feira 12 Outubro 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Manastira, Troyan, Bulgaria
Good performance with two 40secs mistake (one wrong micro route-choice and one bad execution).
BG Champs - Relay 2018 (09-09-2018)
Domingo 9 Setembro 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Strelcha, Bulgaria
Relay, percurso de estafeta 2|Resultados
I did a strong race and pushed hard.
BG Champs - Long 2018 (08-09-2018)
Sábado 8 Setembro 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Strelcha, Bulgaria
I did a good race except a bad part between 6th and 8th where I lost 3:30mins (1:30-1:00-1:00). Also 30secs to 26th. + Not optima...
BG Champs - Mixed Sprint Relay 2018 (22-04-2018)
Domingo 22 Abril 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Bansko, Bulgaria
Sprint Relay, percurso de estafeta 2
BG Champs - Sprint 2018 (21-04-2018)
Sábado 21 Abril 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Dobrinishte, Bansko, Bulgaria
BG Champs - Middle 2018 (20-04-2018)
Sexta-Feira 20 Abril 2018
Categoria: Competitions
Trastenik, Bansko, Bulgaria