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Begun cup 5 days - stage5 Middle (07.08.2022)
I did big mistakes to 3 and 13 but I was just too lazy or tired to do the right things everywhere. Some small ones here and there ...
Begun cup 5 days - stage3 Sprint (05.08.2022)
Really nice and challenging and fast orienteering on a map 1:5000. I did two big misses to 8th and 10th controls. I was trying to ...
Begun cup 5 days - stage1 Middle (03.08.2022)
Nice and challenging orienteering all the way. I started pretty unfocused as I was a bit late and I did big mistakes in the beginn...
BG Champs - Sprint 2022 (08.05.2022)
Neděle 8 květen 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Sopot, Bulgaria
Decent performance with some suboptimal route-choices (to 2nd and 6th, +5sec each) and a small miss (+10secs) to 7th getting into ...
BG Champs - Middle 2022 (07.05.2022)
Sobota 7 květen 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Panitsite, Kalofer, Bulgaria
Good race with few hesitations, biggest to 10th control.. In the end I was 1:59min faster than the 2nd having the cleanest race an...
Sarnena gora Sprint (09.04.2022)
Sobota 9 duben 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Did two smaller mistakes to 3rd (20 secs) and 4th (10 secs) because of not good route planning accordingly to the levels. In the ...
MOC 2022 - Championships - Stage 2 - WRE Sprint (20.03.2022)
Neděle 20 březen 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Monopoli, Italy
Very interesting terrain and course. Did a couple of mistakes and bad route choice decisions. 3rd - wrong route 4th - wrong rout...
MOC 2022 - Championships - Stage 1 (19.03.2022)
Read the wrong alley to 1st and did a mistake ~15-20secs. Some hesitations here and there but also felt the lack of speed in many...
Middle (13.03.2022)
Neděle 13 březen 2022
Kategorie: Trainings
Zlatni pyasatsi North, Varna, Bulgaria
Generally OK with some hesitations at 2, 11, 16.
3rd of March cup 2022 (05.03.2022)
Sobota 5 březen 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Kailaka, Pleven, Bulgaria
I had quite a shaky race with several mistakes. 30+ secs to 3rd and 4th in the "green" circle. Then a mistake to 13th (1+ min) and...
WRE Long - XI PREMI-O CV - IBI  (06.02.2022)
Neděle 6 únor 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Penarrubia Este, Ibi, Spain
Succeeded pushing all the way even if that was the 3rd race in two days and the last 10th day of our camp in Alicante area. Of cou...
WRE Sprint - XI PREMI-O CV - IBI (05.02.2022)
No big mistakes but some uncertainties - going to 1st control had to stop and read the map carefully twice until I realize what is...
WRE Middle - XI PREMI-O CV - IBI  (05.02.2022)
Sobota 5 únor 2022
Kategorie: Competitions
Penarrubia Este, Ibi, Spain
I was doing fine until I got tired. I tried to run fast on some places and with the current shape there were consequences. I did m...
Middle (22.01.2022)
Sobota 22 leden 2022
Kategorie: Trainings
Sini vir, V.Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Scorelauf - legs without paths. I'm familiar with the terrain since we've organized Ivanovden Cup two weeks ago on that terrain.
Middle (Varnensko lyato 2020, day 1, M21E) (11.01.2022)
Úterý 11 leden 2022
Kategorie: Trainings
Zlatni pyasatsi, Varna, Bulgaria
A bit behind in my orienteering but not that bad..